__Does your husband or boyfriend drive like he's in the Indy 500 every
    time he gets in the car?

  Are you sick and tired of saying the same old
  thing every time you get in the car with him?

    Well, give yourself a break and bring Mary-On-Board?! A fun device
    that nags the driver so YOU don't have to!

    Let US be your nagavation system!

    Fifteen sayings designed to help him drive sanely while you enjoy the

    Mary-On-Board is bilingual as she brings backseat driving to the
    forefront in both English AND Spanish.

    Put your picture on the front so your spouse knows you share Mary?s
    sentiment as she does the talking for you.

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This is a novelty gift and not a functioning navigation device. It is to be used for entertainment purposes only. Mary-On-Board? urges you to obey all traffic laws.